Child-Friendly Businesses

Sooke is a great place to raise a family. We have lived here for years and have yet to encounter a place that does not happily welcome families and children. That being said, there are a few establishments that are particularly easy to take children to or are related to children/families in particular. These places all have specific child-friendly aspects, or nice little touches.


Foodcab – This isn’t a restaurant, but a great local delivery service for groceries and any restaurant in Sooke that offers drive-through or takeout. For when you can’t leave the house because of the kids! See their website at

The Lazy Gecko This restaurant is located on Sooke Road, across from Home Hardware. This Mexican restaurant is delicious and has lots of crayons and colouring books for the kids. The owner seems to really enjoy families coming in and is very accommodating to large families.

Mom’s Cafe – This restaurant located on Shields Road is great for families. Every time we go there we encounter many other families with small children. They have a great children’s menu (7 breakfast choices, 6 lunch choices, 10 dinner choices and 2 desert choices), crayons and menus for colouring, a nice big washroom for those kids that are being potty trained, and every member of the staff seems to really like kids! They have high chairs (2, I believe) and booster seats, but many of the tables are booths that are perfect for kids to sit at. There can be a bit of a wait for breakfast on weekends because it is so popular!

McDonalds – I’m sure you all know about the play area and the Happy Meals. No need to discuss it more here.

The Stick In the Mud Coffee House – This coffee shop is located on Eustace Road. From the road it does not seem like it might be overly child-friendly, but once inside you will be pleasantly surprised by the couch area in the back with colouring books and crayons. They also have a play area in the back with climbing equipment for use by mini-customers! On the menu they have kid’s hot chocolate and in the summer they will make children’s smoothies. See their website at

Stickleback – This one is located on West Coast Road, east of the town core. Stickleback has a good kids’ menu, and my daughter’s pasta came in a fun cardboard pirate ship à la White Spot. They have high chairs and booster seats, and a roomy women’s washroom with a change table in it. See the website at


If you know of any businesses you would like to recommend to be put on this page, please let us know!

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