Who We Are

We are parents who are living and raising children in Sooke. We go to playgroups, play dates, parks, beaches and stores in Sooke. We love living in this beautiful town and want to make it more fun for all the families living here.

The goal of this site is to provide new ways for families to enrich their lives here. We hope to do this by suggesting new places you have either never been to or have forgotten about. We hope to provide opportunities for meeting new friends, exploring new areas, and sharing loved toys, books and games. If you are anything like us, your kids probably have way more possessions than they ever could play with. Why not pass them along to someone else and buy or borrow a new item for your child? Bored of the same parks, beaches or places to explore? Why not browse our site and find recommendations to new ones? Or if you have a favourite place but don’t see it on our site, let us know and we’ll include it.

This is a site for parents in Sooke, created by parents in Sooke. If you live in Sooke, then that includes you! Be a part of this site. Make suggestions, take part in the (soon-to-come) forums, or just browse our site and find new fun things to do with your children. Most importantly, have fun! And please do let us know if you come across any info on the site that is incorrect or that needs updating. Thank you!

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