Our New Site!

As parents living in Sooke, we are tired of searching for information on things to do in Sooke only to be left with information on things to do in the Westshore or Victoria. Sooke has a lot to offer and there is no reason to have to look any further! This site will keep you in the loop on things to do, places to go and new happenings in this great town!

Another frustration is trying to find cheap used toys or gear. There are the two fantastic consignment stores in Sooke, but other than that we are left with the normal used sites that mainly feature sellers in the rest of the CRD. No one wants to come ‘all the way out to Sooke’ to buy a toy. Now instead of trying to compete with sellers in the rest of the CRD, you can sell, lend, buy, borrow or give away toys, clothes, books or gear right here in Sooke! Nice and easy!

We hope you find this site useful. Feel free to contact us at sooketoylenders@hotmail.ca if you have any comments or suggestions.

Also, check out our forum, located at http://sooketoylenders.yuku.com. There you can post items to buy, sell, lend, borrow or give away, you can connect with other families for play dates or childcare, or you can post about events you know of in the area.

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